Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Famous NBS Scheduler Duck

As it's April 1st - a quick fun blog post...

In NBS Scheduler there are three ways to find the technical content that you wish to add to your schedule of work. (1) The NBS browse tab, browsing by BCIS or CAWS structure, (2) The NBS search tab and (3) The visual search tab.

Fig 1 - Visual Search tab

The screenshot above shows this visual search tab. All images were drawn by the design team at NBS and one or two of them have items that you wouldn't expect to find on construction drawings.

If you browse around within your copy of NBS Scheduler you may find:

Fig 2 - Duck in the bathroom

Fig 3 - Duck in the water feature

Fig 4 - Is that really a bat?

And one genuine comment from our 2009 end of year customer survey:
"Can you add a friend for the duck to NBS Scheduler please"

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