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ecobuild 2013 - What to do each day

If you are attending ecobuild this year then it would be wonderful if you could find the time to come and attend one of the presentations at the RIBA Village (S1230 and S1330).

Mark Bew being interviewed last year at RIBA Village
There is space to have a sit down and grab a complimentary tea or coffee, maybe browse some books or meet  NBS staff for one-to-one software demonstrations and also there is the return of the successful "bite sized" presentations. Informal 15 minute presentations that you can just turn up to and listen to without the need to book.

Here are the NBS activities each day...


14:00 - Richard Waterhouse
RIBA Village - S1230 and S1330

  • 10.30 - Robert King and Lucy Wood, David Millar Architects - Real world BIM and sustainability in practice
  • 11.00 - Andrew Soper, RIBA Insight - Tips for manufactures on how to get in front of specifiers
  • 11.30 - Drew Wiggett, NBS - National BIM Library
  • 12.00 - Chris Okure, RIBA Insight - The power of CPD
  • 12.30 - Koko Udom, NBS - Achieving sustainability on construction projects
  • 13.00 - Richard Wise, Ryder Architecture - BIM implementation on Manchester Town Hall
  • 13.30 - Victoria Fleming, NBS - NBS Create
  • 14.00 - Richard Waterhouse, NBS - Address from the CEO
  • 14.30 - John Gelder, NBS - Sustainability 2013
  • 15.00 - Stephen Hamil, NBS - Specification in a BIM world *
  • 15.30 - Richard Watson, NBS - Future developments from NBS
And elsewhere for BIM fans...
I have the pleasure of opening up the ecobuild 2013 Better through BIM main seminar series (Seminar Room 2) by chairing the "Reducing waste through BIM" session at 10.45.
10:45 SR2 - Reducing waste through BIM
This session has excellent speakers from Ryder, Hilson Moran, Balfour Beatty and Kingspan Insulation.

* My 3pm session at the RIBA Village will be a live demo of the plug-in functionality we are developing linking specification with BIM. Disclaimer: NBS Create is not the only software application within a BIM environment :) - but there are also others like Solibri, Revit, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks etc... that our information must flow between.
15:00 S1230 - Two BIM apps communicating
...and finally, Drew Wiggett, NBS will also be presenting National BIM Library at 13:00 at the Vectorworks stand N420.


14:30 - Ian Chapman
RIBA Village - S1230 and S1330

  • 10.30 - John Gelder and panel, NBS - Sustainability
  • 11.00 - Victoria Fleming, NBS - NBS Create
  • 11.30 - Stephen Hamil - National BIM Library
  • 12.00 - Clair Hillier, NBS - Spec Master Online
  • 12.30 - Belinda Beake, NBS - Specification for manufacturers
  • 13.00 - Keith Wilson, NBS - Top 10 sustainable living standards and regs
  • 13.30 - Paul Chappel, RIBA Appointments - Finding a job - standing out
  • 14.00 - Joe Cilia, AIS - Environmental fit-out
  • 14.30 - Ian Chapman, NBS - The future of construction information
  • 15.00 - Bill Gething, FCBStudios - Designing in a changing climate
  • 15.30 - Hugh Pearman and panel, RIBA Journal - Sustainable buildings by design
And elsewhere for BIM fans...
I am chairing a BIM seminar at the ecobuild 2013 Buildings in use seminar series (Seminar Room 6) by chairing the "Using BIM to measure, monitor and manage energy use" session at 14.30.
14:30 SR6 - Using BIM to measure, monitor and manage energy use
The session has fantastic speakers from BIM Task Group, Architype and Rider Levett Bucknall.

* My session at the RIBA Village at 11.30am will be a live demo of the National BIM Library. I'll also be doing a National BIM Library presentation at the Vectorworks stand at N420 at 13.00.

11.30 S1230 - National BIM Library


12:30 - Dale Sinclair
RIBA Village - S1230 and S1330

  • 10.30 - Adrian Malleson, NBS - The National BIM Report 2013
  • 11.00 - Victoria Fleming, NBS - NBS Create
  • 11.30 - Stefan Mordue, NBS - BIM and Health and Safety
  • 12:00 - Justin Bere, bere:architects - Passivhaus
  • 12:30 - Dale Sinclair, Dyer - RIBA Plan of Work 2013
  • 13:00 - John Tebbit, CPA - BIM and manufacturers
  • 13:30 - Paul Swaddle, NBS - The future of training in construction industry
  • 14:00 - Rebecca De Cicco, KSS Group - Quality information through the project timeline
  • 14:30 - John Gelder, NBS - BREEAM and NBS
  • 15:00 - Andrew Soper - RIBA Insight - Tips for manufactures on how to get in front of specifiers
  • 15:30 - Simon Rawlinson, EC Harris - Contracts and Law

And elsewhere for BIM fans...
Not a bad day at ecobuild to finish off on with respect to BIM - you can listen to our Market Research Manager Adrian Malleson give his expert opinions on the survey behind the National BIM Report 2013 at 10.30. Then maybe listen to Stefan Mordue talk BIM and Health and Safety at 11.30. Then after a quick bite to eat it is the HM Government session in Seminar Room 2 at 12:30:
All the main players are in the room - Mark Bew, Dave Philp, Simon Rawlinson, Mervyn Richards, Jaimie Johnston and Roy Evans. Find out all you need to know about the latest processes and protocols and the fantastic labs area of the BIM Task Group website.

And if this is all not enough, I'll be on the Twyford Bathrooms stand S320 demonstrating the fantastic new SpecMaster Online tool that our NBS R&D team have developed. Web technology is advancing fast and we think that this is possibly the best online specification tool out there. You will be able to see all of the things you'd expect from an NBS specification tool (template clauses,  guidance and suggested values) - but also linked spaces and systems and products to ensure robust model that can then be exported to a number of formats. I'll be there at 10:30 and 14:15.
14:15 - Twyford Bathrooms SpecMaster Online tool
And to top it all off, we'll also have a ecobuild 2013 blog and our marketing team will be blogging and tweeting throughout the three days. It should be a great event!

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