Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Built Environment Social Media Awards 2013

The Built Environment Social Media Awards 2013 have just opened. I stumbled across it and noticed that I had received a nomination in the Built environment blogger of the year category.

The BE2 awards
Any other visitors to this blog who think they would like to support this nomination can do so by:
  1. Visiting this page:
  2. Reply to the initial nomination with a few words
Nominations for best blog
There are also many other award categories all related to social media and the construction industry. I may just have to add a few nominations for others now during my lunch break. The best community, twitter usage, internet of things and mobile app all look good.

It'll be interesting to see if we get any further nominations (you cannot vote for yourself). The National BIM Library linkedin group, RIBA Product Selector mobile website and our 48 hour blogging as part of BIM competitions must all be in with a shout. 

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Blogging at 2am in the morning
Background - Looking at the BE2 website the six or seven main people behind this initiative are listed:
They include Martin Brown and Paul Wilkinson who are two of the most active and followed social media folk in the construction industry:
Martin aka @fairsnape 
Paul aka @eepaul 

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