Monday, 25 November 2013

The National BIM Survey 2014 - Now open

The NBS National BIM Survey is now in its 4th year. Please take the time to answer the questions and help us pull together a fantastic report that gives a glimpse into where BIM is at now.

Also, if possible, please share the link in your organisation - we want as large a sample size as possible - everyone from those who think "BIM is just a fad. a marketing term used to sell software" all of the way through to those that have the three letters "B", "I", "M" tattooed on their chest. :)

All of the reports from the last three years are available to download for free from our website (links below). I've also included the fantastic infographic that our design team put together as a summary of the 2013 report. Click on any of the images below for these downloads.
National BIM Report 2013 - Infographic

So the survey link is - - thanks to everyone who spreads the word internally in their organisation or externally through twitter/linkedin/newsletters etc...

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