Sunday, 8 March 2020

Moving from NBS Building to NBS Chorus

As part of a recent webinar, I got the chance to ask an NBS user, Nick Greenwood from Maber Architects, about how their experience has been moving from NBS Building to NBS Chorus.

This ten minute sequence from the full webinar has been extracted and can be watched as a youtube video below...

If you only have a couple of minutes free, you can jump to the questions at the following timings... as Nick answers, he shows software (NBS and ArchiCAD) on his machine and illustrates his answers.

  • 1:20 - What are you opinions on structuring specifications by CAWS or Uniclass 2015?
  • 4:06 - How do you approach specifying differently whether specifying traditionally or writing a performance spec for a contractor design portion?
  • 5:53 - How do you add manufacturer information to your specifications?
  • 7:20 - How do you make sure that the specification and model have coordinated information?
  • 8:27 - How do you use specification information within schedules?
  • 9:40 - What have your first experiences been like with NBS Chorus?
  • 10:50 - How do you share specification best practice across Maber Architects?
To watch the full webinar, on demand, see the link below:

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