Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Viewing the NBS specification

Recently I’ve made a number of trips to see practices around the country (Glasgow, London. Sheffield, Aldershot, Brighton, Gosforth…) promoting the latest improvements to the NBS software.

Of all the enhancements, the item that has probably received the best feedback is the free NBS Viewer. The NBS Viewer is installed with all NBS software as part of the NBS Tools or can be downloaded for free from www.theNBS.com/NBSTools

The main primary benefit is in allowing practices with a number of construction professionals to be able to view and publish NBS specifications without having to use up valuable licence seats. Those in the office who have a need to modify specification can do so without the frustration of finding out that there are no licences available. In addition, people in the office who have never have had NBS software on their machine can install this lightweight viewer and see specifications-in-progress without the need to export to PDF or Word.

It should be noted that the Viewer and the other NBS Tools can be downloaded for free by other members of your project team who want to view NBS specifications.

The screenshot below shows the NBS Viewer.

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