Tuesday 29 March 2011

The NBS Building Information Modelling Report March 2011

This in-depth research was conducted by the NBS Market Research team to develop an understanding of BIM adoption in the UK.

In addition to the research there are also articles from:

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Tuesday 8 March 2011

Northumbria University

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of delivering a presentation to Year 2 Architectural Technician students at Northumbria University.

Northumbria is rapidly gaining a strong reputation for its work in the field of Building Information Modelling - some useful links below:

  • The Carbon Assessment Tool project - see my previous blog post.
  • Article from Northumbria's Professor Steve Lockley on BIM and Eduction
    Extract: "...Educational establishments clearly have a major role to play in this transition, they should and will seed the next generation of professionals who understand BIM as a technology that supports collaborative working. However, there are barriers to change built into our Universities and Colleges, not least of which is the entrenchment of the traditional professions. In an ideal world these institutions should be microcosms of the way we desire the industry to work in the future."
  • The Northumbria BIM Academy website

Wednesday 2 March 2011

...and back from ecobuild

My presentation from ecobuild is now online. It can be downloaded by clicking below:

Thanks again to Martyn and Jacqui from Vectorworks for inviting me. It was good to catch up again. Also, nice to grab a beer with Nick Nisbit and chat about how we could possibly get some IFC import and export functionality into the next version of NBS. There are some really exciting opportunities to specify systems/element types in NBS and then export as IFC and then import into any CAD package. Equally, the opportunity to create an building outline in CAD, export to IFC and then import into NBS to create an outline specification is exciting too.

Some photographs from ecobuild below…

Canary Wharf on a dull March afternoon

The Millenium Dome (again) on a dull March afternoon

ExCeL London with building work in the background – with the Olympics on its way this area of London seemed to be one big construction project.

A live demonstration of building with Straw Bales – note the RIBA CPD logo in the background!

Some really nice timber frame exhibition stands

buildingSMART’s Christopher Groome delivers presentation of BIM and interoperability

When choosing a hotel room, it’s always nice to have one opposite “the birthplace of IRON MAIDEN” :)