Friday 1 March 2019

BIM - God is in the Specification

One of the most engaging speakers at BIM Show Live 2019 this year was James Woudhuysen. James is an author and speaker on technology trends and forecasting.
James Woudhuysen - BIM Show Live 2019
He challenged the tech-loving delegates about some of their statements in a fun and engaging way. Are we really experiencing 'exponential' disruption? developing 'seamless' systems? is AI really 'everywhere'? are the robots coming?
Myth busting
He then moved onto BIM. There was a clear message here - with respect to structured data and information collaboration through the timeline - it's about the specification.
When thinking BIM - think specification
These are key messages that we have been pushing for years at NBS as we integrate our developments into the wider BIM environment.

What quality of product is being specified. what quality of execution is required and what quality of documentation is required to prove the specification has been followed.
Specify the supplier and how it will be tested
The blue, green and red Powerpoint with sunlight on may not have been clear, but the message certainly was.