Saturday 10 November 2007

30 St Mary Axe - The Gherkin

[This is a back dated post - just found these pictures in an old folder]

The pictures below are from our NBS Plus re-launch at 30 St Mary Axe (also known as The Gherkin). We had spent over a year fundamentally changing the way that NBS Plus was structured and worked within our software. This meant that the manufacturer content in NBS went from brochure style HTML pages to well-structured product data that could be added to a spec in just one-click. Looking back six years later, this has been a huge success taking the manufacturer numbers in NBS from near 400 to above 600.

The Gherkin
I'd project managed this (and written a chunk of the code) so it was nice to show it off
At the top of The Gherkin
The welcome pack
Demonstrations of new NBS Plus
Fancy stairs
View from the top