Wednesday 14 November 2018

Caricature at AU2018

At Autodesk University, as part of the promo activities at the Dell stand for their Surface Pro device they had a very talented lady from EventToons doing caricatures.

Pics below...

Black lines

A bit of colour


Signed and downloaded

The kit being used

Tuesday 13 November 2018

Autodesk University 2018 - NBS presentation

30/11/18 Updated with actual video of presentation below...

(If above video does not display - click here)

30/11/18 Original blog post...
Today I presented at Autodesk University. It was videod and when available I'll embed the video of the session within this blog post.

As a blog review, I include three video sequences from what I presented. I remember receiving presentation training a few years back, the lady that delivered the course told us that most of the audience will remember three things maximum. So here are three things :)

1. A digital future is needed
There have been a number of industry reports published recently. All point to a digital future for the construction industry. Download these from the hyperlinks below.

2. Specification and model together
A 3D model of a design can only contain a certain amount of information. The majority of the words describing the design are contained in the specification. This information should not exist in two silos - but must be coodinated.

The video below is a short 30 second sequence showing the model and specification being accessed in the cloud. This is a preview of functionality that will be added to NBS Chorus in 2019.

3. A required digital audit trail is needed
The final take-home message is that it is not just the latest information is needed. An audit trail of the decision making process is needed.

Consider the 'in use' stage of a building and a door needing replaced, how do the decision makers determine whether the suggested product is of an equivalent or better performance than what was installed? How do they determine whether this meets the initial design requirements?

This is what the industry must aspire to. This is the transparency that is needed.

The class handout with additional content can be downloaded from:

To find out more about NBS Chorus - see the link below:

Thursday 8 November 2018

Autodesk University 2018 - Handout

Details on the class I am delivering at Autodesk University 2018 next week are below:

Hopefully see a few people there on Tuesday Nov 13 at 8am.

The class is completely full :), but in previous years they have let people queue and then take the place of those who don't show up.

Again, it's an honour to be co-presenting with Jim Quanci from Autodesk who has led out the Autodesk Developers Network for years and more recently the Autodesk Forge programme.

If anyone attending AU would like to catch up over a cup of coffee - please send me a tweet at @StephenHamilNBS.

My class handout can be downloaded from the link below:
- Stephen Hamil - NBS - Handout - AU 2018.pdf

As always, I'll do an accompanying blog post to go with the class as a record.