Thursday 13 August 2020

The importance of specification

 At NBS we regularly preach about the importance of specification.

In addition to articles like the one above, I think this tweet tells the story of why specifications are vital.

I think the photographs and the selected comments tell the full story.

A 3D model may look nice. It may help generate drawings. It may help with clash detection. But...

...if it's not linked to a robust specification that defines:

A. Product quality

B. Execution

C. Verification and submittals

...then you risk getting poor outcomes. And poor outcomes may be a lot worse than aesthetic issues such as stone-effect polystyrene falling off your block work.

10 reasons why specifications are vital:

Find out more about writing specifications with NBS Chorus:

Credit to: @peakay81 for in the tweet I took the screengrab from.