Tuesday 7 February 2017

BIM Show Live 2017

Last week it was fantastic to see over 400 construction professionals in Newcastle for BIM Show Live.  A collection of photographs and videos below from the event...
Space Group Rob welcomes the speakers to Newcastle

The recently refurbished 1820 railway building - 'The Boiler Shop'

Rob explains that this was where Stephen's Rocket was built - the steam engine design chosen in 1829 as best to power the railways
Read more about Stephenson's Rocket:
Keynote speaker Mark Shayler looks at the changing world
Watch Mark talk about innovation and change as part of a Ted talk:
Keynote speaker James Pellatt provides his experience of doing BIM as a client over recent years

Over 400 delegates came to the North East

One of my favourite cartoons

Elliott from BDP gives his thoughts on BIM
Other items of interest included:

Each room had a North East feel and was named after a famous geordie
From NBS, both myself and my colleague Drew Wiggett presented - to find out more about NBS products and services for BIM - please see below: