Monday 24 September 2018

CanBIM Toronto 2018 - NBS presentation

To watch my presentation from CanBIM Toronto 2018, please click play on the video below.

It covers three areas:
  1. Setting a BIM strategy
  2. The importance of data quality
  3. Examples of tools to help with BIM implementation
I hope to be back in Canada for a CanBIM in 2019!

Toronto pics...

Friday 14 September 2018

CanBIM Toronto 2018

Last year NBS acquired Digicon, the leading specification company in Canada.

Now we have this Digicon specification content available in our NBS Chorus specification platform.

Next week I'll be at the CanBIM conference in Toronto speaking about BIM and Smart Cities and also exhibiting NBS Chorus and Natitonal BIM Library. I'll also be with David Watson President of Digicon.

If you are based in Toronto, interested in specification/information management and want to catch up - please drop me an email through:
Stephen.Hamil [at]


Agenda for the main speaker day
I'll be tweeting from Toronto when doing customer visits and also from the conference from @StephenHamilNBS

Friday 7 September 2018

Be specific

One of the topics that my colleague Dave Watson covered at the recent BiLT North America conference was the importance of language when writing construction documentation.

(This was actually a topic that had stuck in my mind after hearing John Gelder present on it back in 1999 as part of a set of NBS Education modules.)

The article on our website is below:

And there is a print-out-and-keep infographic for those that want to either print out and stick on the coffee room wall or email to colleagues:

Seven essential tips when writing specifications.

Of course master specification systems, such as NBS, can help everyone across an office or on a project produce documentation that follows these principles. The template content provided follows these principles - in addition, the software guides/enforces the user to maintain the structure when making a specification project specific.

...and what is the alternative? I saw this amusing poster on Twitter the other day...
(Not sure who originally did this - but happy to credit if someone drops me an email)

Find out more about our NBS specification products below: