Tuesday 29 January 2019

An introduction to the ISO 19650 series

Last Friday, Paul Shillcock, one of the authors of the 19650 series of international BIM standards presented to a packed lecture theatre at NBS.

Most people in the room were familiar with 'UK Level 2 BIM'. So Paul focused on some of the differences between the 1192 series of UK standards and how the team had worked with the international community to ensure a common process could be defined for BIM around the world.
Paul - presenting the 1192 to 19650 journey
A nice summary was given at the end detailing how the 19650 series takes the 'best bits' from 1192, compromises with the international community and then allows each country to add a National Annex to reflect local practices.
Paul's summary points
The 19650 series can be purchased from the BSI website. Alternatively, those companies that subscribe to IHS Markit-NBS Construction Information Service can download the standards and transitional guidance from CIS:

Download BS EN 19650 standards now from Construction Information Service
The presentation was captured on video. Watch this below:
(Also, you can download the presentation from the NBS website)

It was good to spend some time with Paul discussing the format for exchange information requirements (EIRs) following the presentation. Looking at the essential items for an EIR schedule as defined by BS EN ISO 19650-2 it was fun to look at what this would have been for the presentation that Paul provided as part of the event... ;)
19650 - EIRs with a new focus on information requirements
The presentation itself was of course named following the rules for information containers in the UK National Annex:

CR | C01.01 | XX

Following Paul's presentation, I also gave a 15 minute presentation on Uniclass. This can also be downloaded from the NBS website and viewed in the above video.

The relevance, of course, is that Uniclass 2015 is listed in the UK National Annex as the classification system for Information Management on BIM projects.
UK Annex and Uniclass
My presentation gave (1) an introduction to Uniclass, (2) some industry examples of large clients using this on projects and (3) examples of how NBS have now embedded this into the National BIM Library and the NBS Chorus specification tool.

The Uniclass classifications can be accessed for free at:

As a final word, well done to Paul, David Churcher, Anne Kemp and Steph Kosandiak for all of their hard work in working with the international community to publish these standards.

Friday 4 January 2019

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Last year we surveyed hundreds of construction professionals to understand what technology they were currently using to get ahead. We also asked for their opinions on where technology was going with respect to construction industry.

We are putting the final touches to the report now.

If you want a free copy to find out how the AEC industry is currently modelling, collaborating, checking data, specifying, viewing data etc... - sign up at the URL below.

The following article from myself gives my thoughts on the report and subject in general...

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Nice also to see the article being picked up in BIM+...
BIM+ - always worth a read