Wednesday 10 June 2020

Podcast interview

Rob Charlton CEO of Space Group has been running a series of lockdown podcasts with people he thinks have interesting stories in the construction technology scene.

It was nice that he asked me in for a chat to help launch the series. Click below to listen to our conversation...

The discussion covers...

  • A little on my background - what I studied, how I got into developing construction technology
    From Wallsend to Durham Uni to the Old Post Office
  • A look back at the early days of the first software from NBS
    Working under Prof Steve Lockley in a start up uni spin out and delivering software to Richard Waterhouse at NBS
  • A look back at the last ten years where BIM really took off in the UK and around the world
    From the government BIM mandate to presenting to audiences in Las Vegas, Melbourne and Doha
  • What our vision is at NBS - where do we want to go?
    To create the best construction industry information platform - and take it global
With Rob also being a bit of a north east football fan, there is also a bit of reminiscing about Newcastle United and Kevin Keegan - but you can skip those bits ;)

Delighted to win the product of the year award for NBS Chorus at BIM Show Live 2020
Asking the questions - Rob Charlton, CEO of Space Group

Friday 5 June 2020

NBS BIM Report 2020

The 10th Annual NBS BIM Report is now live and free to download:

Over 1,000 participants gave their views and the survey was distributed by many leading organizations in the UK construction industry

NBS BIM Report 2020

As always, the findings are of real interest. A couple of items of note below that I thought worth taking screenshots of.

Over 70% say they are aware of and using BIM on projects. But then we are always asked each year - but what does this mean? Around 2/3rds of these do define 'using BIM' as following the standards (and not just 3D modelling). We break this down further in the survey to look at which aspects of the standards are being followed (CDE usage, naming standards, classification etc...) - all interesting stuff.
Another question we are quite often asked is whether BIM is happening in the private sector or whether it is just a public Government mandate thing. The stats show that, if anything, it is slightly more common now on private sector projects. So it may have originally been Government-led - but it's reasonably well spread now.
In addition to the findings, the articles from external experts are again excellent. A couple of screenshots from these below...

So, hopefully this post makes you want to know more. Download it using the link below...