Friday 5 June 2015

BIM Toolkit - Update

Even though the funding period for the BIM Toolkit project stopped when the beta was launched at BIM Show Live in April, we have been continuing to develop the free-to-use service at the same rate.
We updated the site one or two weeks ago with some great enhancements - many of which had been requested by those providing feedback through our beta bar. A few screenshots from these are included below. To see them in further detail click the image to make it larger.

1. Classification
The most requested item through the beta bar in April was to make the classifications more accessible. We did this... 
Browse and filter the classifications online 
Download the classification tables - including the NRM1 mappings in the systems table
More information on classification -

2. Custom roles
With the beta launch, only fixed roles in the NBS templates could be added to a digital plan of work. We have now added many more roles and users may add their own custom roles.
Add a custom role
Assign a participant from the project team to that role for that stage
3. Copying information 
As you move from one stage to the next - it is quite likely that many of the project details, the roles and the deliverables may stay the same. You told us that you'd like to be able to copy this information from one stage to the next more easily...
Hundreds of modelled deliverables at stage 4
Simply click a button to copy the information from the previous stage
More information on digital plans of work -

4. Manufacturer content
One of the hardest challenges for us was to respond to the original brief that stated that there would be initial funding, but then a self-sustaining commercial model was needed... and it must be completely free to end users.

Our proposals were for this commercial model to be based around advertising. However, that brought a real challenge regarding how to do this in a way that does not spoil the user experience.

Examples of how this is done badly (in my humble opinion) are below...
I don't want to do the lottery or buy a sports car * or become a tax inspector! Leave me alone!
 So, back to BIM Toolkit...

We introduced an advertising model that displays relevant information to the relevant project participant at the relevant stage of the project. We also introduced some nice functionality to help construction professionals manipulate this.
The architect with the responsibility for the door hardware at Stage 4 views what is on the market
They are interested in the operating devices - they then filter to see controlled door closers
They  then filter to show specific manufacturer content
Finally they  jump to the relevant website for technical data, specification or BIM objects as appropriate
We hope that we have got this balance right between providing free-to-use functionality and data with useful 'advertising' which is technically useful and also functional.

The success of the BIM Toolkit depends on this - so any manufacturers that would like to know more please see:

Finally, in the office we are still working on hard on some very exciting new features and more content. So watch this space for future blog posts.

* Well maybe that red car would be nice :)