Tuesday 14 March 2023

NBS Journal 2002 - Edition One

I'm a collector of NBS items from the past (see all posts tagged 'History') so when I found this NBS Journal Edition One from 2002 I thought I'd photograph a couple of the pages.

The first page is the introduction from John Gelder who was leading the NBS content's team work at the time around restructuring CAWS to Uniclass. Interesting looking back at the areas of content that John wanted to focus on in the Journal (in the days where a magazine style publication was preferred over web delivery).
(Click image for larger view)

The interview in the first NBS Journal was with Professor Steve Lockley, who was my boss at the time, on his views on where the NBS software would go in the future. How would we move on from SpecMan? How would the internet change things? Would construction information be 'modelled'?