Monday 20 May 2019

Intelligent specification, in the cloud

Over recent years, using the cloud has allowed me to connect applications and data together inside and outside work.

Looking at examples from outside work, it's so easy to embed a youtube video within Facebook - or transfer the data from a fun run from Garmin to Strava - or buy a book on the Amazon App and then see it on my Kindle. The cloud has revolutionized the way we interact in our daily lives.

When working on NBS Chorus, as a cloud based tool we expected that this would transform the way the industry interacted with specifications. We were aware of some immediate transformational benefits such as (1) functioning on other devices other than PCs (Mac, Tablet, Chromebook etc...), (2) the ease at which contributors can be added to a project and (3) the end to problematic installation of software and content on local machines/networks.

However, now that Chorus has been released - it's great to see some additional cloud benefits.

A special shout out here to Rob Jackson from Bond Bryan Digital (plug below - check out their services) for tweeting a few of the workflows he has managed to get Chorus linking to open data methodologies.
Credit to Bond Bryan for screengrabs below - check them out at
One click access from collaboration tool BIM Track

Linked specifications from Graphisoft ArchiCAD

Specification connections coming through into the IFC export and viewed in Solibri

Going the full pro 'Information Manager' and ticking all of the boxes with NBS one-click links in Airtable data dashboard on Mac and smart phone!
It's great to see NBS now so accessible - the days of NBS on the PC only are a thing of the past.

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