Thursday, 13 January 2011

NBS Plus on manufacturer websites

I wrote a short article for the RIBA Insight January monthly briefing on how manufacturers can display their NBS product specification on their websites:

The screen-shot below show how Knauf AMF display their NBS Plus data on their website...

"One of the most popular recent additions to NBS Plus is its built-in facility to allow manufacturers and suppliers to display NBS product specifications on their website. The advantages of this include: 
  1. That smaller practices that specify low-budget projects by writing notes on drawings can now easily also add a robust, concise NBS product specification from a supplier's own website
  2. When a supplier's NBS Plus content is updated (by a qualified member of our in-house NBS technical team), it's also automatically updated on the supplier's website
  3. Clear visibility of NBS Plus branding, making it easy for visitors to quickly identify 'NBS Plus suppliers' (companies that are clients of NBS Plus) and to feel confident that they are dealing with a trustworthy name."

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