Sunday 17 November 2013

Finchale Priory to Durham - Fantastic Cycle or Walking route

The powers that be at Durham have just re-surfaced the Brasside-to-Durham cycle path. A massive 'well-done' to whoever made this happen!

This puts the 7km from Finchale Priory to Durham Cathedral as a really top class UK walk (or short cycle).

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I'd advise parking at Finchale Priory if you have the car. If you arrive by train - then start at Durham and work your way up the opposite way. Some photographs below:

The 12th century Finchale Priory 

From the road from Finchale to Brasside you'll see the abandoned Brasside bunkers
Hidden away behind Frankland Prison a lake in the nature reserve
A little further off the beaten path is the grade 2 listed abandoned Belmont Viaduct
The majority of the route is on this fantastically re-surfaced cycle path
The view of the Wear and Cathedral from the grade 1 listed Prebends Bridge
And the 'not-too-shabby' Cathedral awaits -
compared in the same conversations as Prague and Avignon amongst Europe's finest

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  1. Great post Stephen. We love visiting Finchale Priory as it's only a few miles from us.