Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What is the NBS National BIM Library?

The NBS National BIM Library is now the biggest library of UK BIM objects and it is growing faster than any other. For the 2015 Spring conference season we have developed a new video explaining the key benefits of the library. This can be viewed below:

The video picks up on three key benefits:
  1. All objects in the library are authored to the NBS BIM Object Standard
  2. There is a wealth of generic and manufacturer objects for architects and engineers
  3. The BIM objects are designed to work in parallel to the NBS specification workflow
All three of these points are really important to any organisation developing an approach to BIM.

1. Standardised information:
I have spoken with a number of organisations in the construction industry over recent months about their BIM strategy. These conversations always come down to process and structured-information. In terms of structured-information, at NBS we have learned a lot in our BIM journey. Everything we have learned here we have documented in our BIM Object Standard. Whether you are a client, contractors, designer or manufacturer, authoring objects to a standard is absolutely critical. NBS National BIM Library can provide a large number of objects, but organisations will also want to create additional content for their office master BIM library, or if a manufacturer, they may have their own in-house team of BIM technicians to create their objects. The NBS BIM Object Standard can be used to ensure that all objects are to this standard of quality that is pragmatic and references the international and UK national standards.

2. Generic and manufacturer content:
As a model develops through the project timeline, typically this model will start with generic content. As the project approaches construction, the percentage of objects where a decision is known in terms of the product specification increases.

The NBS National BIM Library contains a wealth of both generic and manufacturer objects that ensures that this typical user work flow can be followed.

3. A coordinated model and specification:
The coordinated set of project information contains many more sources than just the model.

All NBS National BIM Library objects are aligned to the NBS Create specification system. Free plug-ins are also available for many of the leading BIM design tools. This allows project teams to consider a coordinated BIM strategy that goes much further than simply the model – but also ensures consistency of information between model and specification.

Finally, it must be said, that once again, friends of NBS, Soluis, have done  an absolutely top class job with the video.

,Some stills from the promotional video below:
The model used in the video is from our laser scan of our NBS premises in Newcastle
Great visual effects as the model grows from the basement up through the floors
Never mind one of Newcastle’s finest listed buildings, let’s have a look at the boiler room
The video emphasises the importance of standardised information at all times
Visit the NBS National BIM Library -

...and the original NBS National BIM Library introduction video below:

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