Saturday, 1 August 2015

Digitalisation and disruptive change

One thing I have always been fascinated by is the way technology is changing the world. I remember watching Tomorrow's World each week as a child. Looking at the specific part of the industry I am in - relatively recently we have gone from a process which was
(a) receive paper through the post, (b) copy this for a project, (c) write on it with pen, (d) post it to a typist, (e) receive it back, (f) post it back for final revisions, (h) receive it back, (i) post it out to recipients when published
- to -
(a) always have the latest information via the web, (b) modify this for a project, (c) send the final document by the web.

In other industries we have seen 10 people operating shopping tills to one person monitoring 10 self-serve tills. Artificial intelligence now means an IBM machine can diagnose health problems and do the a percentage of the job of a highly skilled professional.

This video below caught my eye earlier this week. I think it does over-sell the concepts a little - but regardless it's a pretty thought provoking watch. It makes you wonder what the horse trader of 1915 would make of today? It also makes you wonder where we will be in 2115?

This YouTube channel (CGP Grey) is definitely worth an explore if you like the style of delivery. In particular the is video The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained very entertaining.

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