Saturday, 16 January 2016

European BIM Summit

I'm looking forward to the first big BIM event of 2016 and delighted to be on the bill as one of the speakers.

The European BIM Summit is in Barcelona in February and will attract over 400 delegates with an interest in digitalising the construction industry from around the world.

I'll be speaking on how industry has responded to the UK Government's BIM Strategy and how digital change is happening now in the UK.

It's great to see that the UK is out in force at the event. Other speakers from the UK include Mark Bew the chair of the UK Government's BIM Task Group. Mark has been the leader and the main drive behind UK Government's BIM journey over the last decade.
Another notable speaker from the UK is the BIM Task Group's Adam Matthews who has been EU Development Director. To read more about Adam's activities please see the links below.
Taking the standardised approach to BIM as defined by the Level-2 process wider than just the UK will clearly have benefits for construction professionals and manufacturers that do business internationally. This is certainly a BIM event I am looking forward to - and if anyone is getting a cheap flight out to Barcelona (maybe cheaper than a train ticket to London!) then I look forward to seeing you there. - Feb 18th and 19th of February

Keep an eye on this blog and my @StephenHamilNBS twitter page for updates from the event.

Follow the event at @BIMSummit on twitter.
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