Thursday, 19 October 2017

Digital Construction Week 2017 - Day Two

Following on from yesterday's Day One review post - here is a quick review of Day Two...

Andrew Wolstenholme - Construction Leadership Council
I've been to many BIM events, but until today I have never had the chance to listen to Andrew Wolstenholme who is CEO of Crossrail and chair of the CLC.

Some of his key slides below. Some of his big messages:
  • Look at how automotive and aeropspace industries collaborate and work together on standards and innovation and work to get Government funding. Construction industry is way behind. The two big innovation areas for cars are (a) batteries and (b) self-driving cars - the industry really gets behind the challenge.
  • When it comes to the big projects. You must focus on the outcomes. Focus on the business case. The spending is then worth it. Example being Crossrail - spend £14.8bn - for a return of £42bn to the economy.
  • Three areas of focus for the industry - (a) procure for better value, (b) industry-led innovation with matched Government funding and (c) skills for the future.
Andrew also looked at the 'sector deal' - the investment on its way:
A lot of money is about to be spent
We don't currently have enough capacity in the industry to deliver

Be sure of the business case - and then spend

Andrew wants to get construction the same sort of funding for innovation that other industries get 
AI in construction - Akos Pfemeter
This was largely a look at the history of AI - and then a reflection on where it wil benefit construction. Some links below:

Alex Lubbock - Delivering against Government Construction Strategy
Alex is part of the Digital Built Britain team. He reported on how BIM Level 2 was being pushed through departments to try and make it 'business as usual'.

He also looked at all of the priority areas...
The priorities

Emerging technologies will create amazing productivity opportunities

It's not just about the big companies - it's about SMEs and sharing the passion through social media

David Philp - City Modelling
Dave removed his Digital Built Britain hat and put on his Aecom hat to present the work they were doing around city modelling and big data.

A pretty cool software package was demonstrated (the guy behind Google Earth is the owner):
How will emerging technology allow us to monitor our assets?

The existing estate (with no BIM) is huge
Su Butcher - Collaboration
Then it was off to the BIM Village stage. Su Butcher did a nice job of presenting using only a whiteboard and markers.

What can help/hinder collaboration? Technology... Legal issues... Behaviour...
Forget your flashy Powerpoints - Su Butcher brings out the whiteboard!
Me - Structured data through the timeline
My class was accepted (thanks Olly :)) - so I got a chance to present to 50 or so delegates at the BIM Village.

My three take-home points were:
  1. Get the start of the project right - support the client with the EIR/BEP process
  2. Use standardised information structures for objects and specifications
  3. Consider how emerging technologies will change the way we work
Check out some BIM case studies below...
Case study 01
Case study 02

Case study 03
If you want to watch me talk about this stuff - please see the link below:

...and, it wasn't all work, work, work, a bit of fun below...
(Thanks Anthony from James Ward Architects)

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