Tuesday, 14 November 2017

AU Las Vegas - Presentation

Yesterday I presented with Jim Quanci from the Forge team. This presentation can be viewed online at the link below:

As it was at the Dev Con, I decided against Powerpoint slide after Powerpoint slide and did some live software demos. Screenshots from these below...
Fantastic to present alongside Jim Quanci who leads the Forge team
Back of an envelope sketch #1 - Could we do a CAD plug-in in 2010?
Back of an envelope sketch #2 - Could we do a cloud integration in 2016?

Software demo 1 - Syncing cloud guidance and standards with the model

Software demo 2 - Syncing project specification with model

Software demo 3 - Not just BIM objects, but BIM objects with standardised data

Software demo 4 - Generic and manufacturer content all scheduled to show standard attributes

Software demo 5 - The published information now in the cloud (Forge Viewer in middle)

Software demo 6 - Click the object - see the spec

Software demo 7 - Basic training application using Forge

Software demo 8 - Live coding (with only one mistake on the day!)

Software demo 9 - Student project at NBS

Software demo 10 - Accessing data using Google Sheets API from a Raspberry Pi

Software demo 11 - The temperature in our office at NBS in the UK in real time

Software demo 12 - Accessing data from BIM 360

Software demo 13 - Selecting the model from BIM 360

Software demo 14 - Viewing the BIM 360 model in the NBS environment
To see some of this in context - please visit our NBS case studies page...

To watch the full presentation, please see:

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