Thursday, 30 November 2017

BIM research for Manufacturers

We have just published a free-to-download research report for manufacturers interested in BIM.

As with all of our NBS market research reports, 100s of organisations have been surveyed and the results are presented alongside easy-to-read analysis...
Manufacturer attitudes to BIM
There are also a few case study articles looking at how manufacturers and BIM are working on real life projects today.

How an architectural practice is using manufacturer BIM content on housing projects in London

How a manufacturer is creating standardised content and distributing it to thousands of designers
Also, a quick plug for the excellent NBS research service - David and Adrian in my team have done some top work for leading manufacturers and organisations such as Microsoft, RIBA and DCLG over the years. If you are going on a digital transformation and want to understand what your customers needs are - then give us a call or drop us an email:

Download the manufacturer BIM repoort below:

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