Thursday, 18 November 2010

NBS BIM Survey 2010

On Thursday 2nd December I will be one of the speakers at the CIBSE BIM conference.
What BIM is and how it is being used
At NBS we are very interested in BIM and are looking to develop our specification data into a rich information model that can sit alongside the CAD model. We’re members of buildingSMART and the IFD project and currently have two research projects looking at regulatory compliance and carbon impact and cost.

We have recently sent out a survey to construction industry professionals to see how BIM is being used. We sent it to over 6,500 UK architects, quantity surveyors and engineers and were delighted to get over a 6% response rate.

At the conference I’ll present this research which will give an insight into:
  • How many people are using BIM today and what software packages are they using to support them
  • What aspects of BIM are people taking advantage of.
  • For those not currently using BIM, but who intend to, when do they expect to take their first steps into using it.
  • How do those using BIM within CAD connect this data to other information models such as specification, regulations and standards.
  • For those using BIM, what are their thoughts on interoperability and object reuse.
Our Market Research team at NBS are currently analysing these results and following the CIBSE conference we will publish these results and then run this survey annually to see trends.

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