Friday 14 July 2017

Sample specifications from NBS

When writing a specification it can be a little daunting seeing a blank screen and wondering where to start.

So, in a further improvement to our online support material there are now a number of sample specifications available to download from our website. There are a number of sample specifications for:
  • Project management (roles and definitions)
  • Architecture (door and window systems)
  • Electrical engineering services (low voltage system)
  • Mechanical engineering services (heating systems)
  • Structural engineer (piling and pilcap systems)
  • Landscape architecture (paving system)
Each download comes with a guide from the individual NBS Technical Author who writes and maintains the content. The specifications themselves can be opened in Adobe Reader or NBS Create.

The structure of each specification is consistent across each of the disciplines showing what can be achieved when the whole project team used NBS.

Some screen captures below:
Commentary from each NBS technical author

Samplle full specification for a doorset system
Sample performance specification for a traffic kerb system
All of the downloads are free - so please have a look at them at:

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