Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Beta Testers Wanted

At the CIBSE BIM Conference in December I mentioned that at NBS we are currently working very hard to develop our specification software and data. We are turning our specification content from what currently is simple clause paragraphs of text into "objects" that have relationships and meaning.

John Gelder from our Technical Team also wrote about this in his article Near Future Specification Systems.

This will have enormous benefits to those involved in writing specification. In particular, the specification will become a document that is worked on throughout the time line to firstly create an outline specification, then the same document can be expanded to either a performance specification or traditional full specification. At each stage in the time line no information will have to be re-keyed and no information will be lost.

As this document will consist of  "objects" that have relationships and meaning then the user will be able to report on this content as they wish to easily create  contractor action reports, manufacturer products reports, reference document reports etc...

In February the NBS Beta Testers will be getting their first look at our developments.

If you are an existing NBS customer and would be interested in being one of the first to see and then feedback on these developments then please contact the Beta Test Coordinator Seth Okai seth.okai@thenbs.com.

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