Monday, 21 November 2011

NBS Create

NBS Create was installed and used by the first customers on Friday. A lot has changed since 1973. Exciting times.


  1. When's the Mac or Web version coming?

  2. Chris,

    About 12 months ago we released a web version of NBS that covers Domestic work. It is pay per project and works on the iPad or Mac (or Linux or PC).

    This has been a success with over 700 practices having used it on one or more projects. We'll now be looking at widening the scope of content and functionality in our online offering.

    Drop me an email if you'd like to influence the development of this or maybe join our Beta Testing scheme.


    1. Thanks Stephen, I'll email you.

      Suffice to say that as a large Mac office we resent having to keep an old beige PC in the corner just to do NBS specs. Boot Camp isn't practical as you don't write specs in isolation to your other software.