Monday, 12 December 2011

thinkBIM - Half day GetBIM conference - Leeds

This Wednesday I am attending the GetBIM conference in Leeds. I'll also be chairing one of the roundtable sessions. An overview of this session is below:


BIM and Specification 
Construction documentation has traditionally included drawings, specification and bill of quantities all issued on paper. The aim of Building Information Modelling is to fully coordinate this information digitally and for this information to flow from briefing through to the operation of the building in use.
This will fundamentally change the construction industry.
This roundtable session discusses what BIM means for specification.

  • Level-2 BIM is a managed 3D environment with data held in separate BIM tools. This is what UK government is mandating for 2016 on central government projects.
  • Level-3 BIM is a single BIM model through integration of the data in all BIM tools.
Key Questions for Roundtable Debate 
  • To reach level-2 BIM, how should the information in the specification and the CAD models be coordinated?
  • What does level-3 BIM mean for traditional drawings, specification and bill of quantities?
  • In a BIM-world, where will the technical guidance and cost (environment and financial) guidance come from?
  • In a BIM-world, where will the specification workmanship information come from?
  • How can manufacturers assist construction professionals in their use of BIM?
  • Will construction professionals be more likely to specify manufacturers who embraced BIM?
A couple of interesting articles on this subject are below, it'll be interesting however to see what the delegates on the day think.
  1. - RIBAE Exec Director Richard Watson gives his thoughts as part of the NBS specification survey 2011
  2. - NBS Head of Specification Ian Chapman looks at how BIM will change specification practice

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  1. Stephen, this is exciting, had I known earlier I would have booked a day out of the office to see the seminar online! I've just started a little business that (hopefully) will help smaller practices in their transition into BIM, or help larger practices with their resource. I am a firm believer in collaboration, but at the moment it seems like a lot of words spoken (in the UK at least) compared to what is done. I hope it goes well on Wednesday.