Monday, 19 March 2012

Photos of the new Kings Cross development

Arriving in London today it was great to see the work they have done to Kings Cross station. No longer dark and dingey and horrible - but with the sunlight and blue sky coming through the roof and the new concourse off the side it was really nice.

A good way to welcome us northerners!

Pictures below...
Blue sky ahead

No pigeon shit in sight! 

Beautiful new roof structure

The old and the new come together (and Eric Pickles in the foreground)

Monty Python-esque signs to help the public on their way

Random Big Ben picture with low sun lighting it up

And getting dark by the time I get to Canary Wharf

All the best to everyone presenting at ecobuild. Looking forward to a great three days!

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  1. I'm doing a dissertation on "Optimisation of roof structures similar to the new concourse at London King's Cross" and was wondering if you reckon I could use BIM in any way?

    I am the guy from Durham University who contacted you about doing a BIM related dissertation last year (but circumstances changed).