Tuesday, 13 March 2012

BIM at ecobuild

A repost from the linkedin National BIM Library group...

At ecobuild next week we'll be launching National BIM Library. Thanks to everyone in this group for their support in helping us get there. Please come and say hello at our RIBA Village stand S1630/S1640.

There is plenty more for those interested in BIM over-and-above the National BIM Library launch. Some BIM highlights from our programme below...

Tuesday 20th March
10.50 - Presentation of BIM Research (myself) - RIBA Village S1630/S1640
11.10 - BIM Operational Assets (Ed Bartlett KyKloud) - RIBA Village S1630/S1640

Wednesday 21st March
10.30 - The Government's BIM roadmap (myself) - North Gallery 8/9
10.50 - BIM - Your Next Steps (Martyn Horne Vectorworks) - RIBA Village S1630/S1640
11.10 - OpenBIM (Alan Baikie Graphisoft) - RIBA Village S1630/S1640
11.50 - iCIM Project (Steve Lockley and Richard Watson) - RIBA Village S1630/S1640
14.30 - BIM - Small Practices have it easy (David Miller) - RIBA Village S1630/S1640
15.10 - BIM (Nick Nisbet) - RIBA Village S1630/S1640
15.15 - BIM and Interoperability (myself) - North Gallery 8/9

Thursday 22nd March
10.30 - Managing BIM in construction project workflow (Neville Glanville Bentley) - RIBA Village S1630/S1640
11.10 - BIM for Resource Efficiency (Jon D'Souza, Constructing Excellence) - RIBA Village S1630/S1640
11.30 - National BIM Library (myself) - RIBA Village S1630/S1640


It's been a busy couple of weeks putting all of this together, but looking through the presentations today, one that you really want to put in your diaries is the iCIM Project 11.50 on the Wednesday.

I first blogged about this over a year ago http://constructioncode.blogspot.com/2010/07/carbon-assessment-tool-project-icat.html it is a TSB research project looking at cost (carbon/financial) assessments using interoperable BIM.

With a team including AEC3, RIBA Enterprises, BIM Academy, Faithful and Gould, BSRIA BCIS and Autodesk - the outcome of this research is pretty special. All using National BIM Library components, IFC and demonstrating the "I" in BIM.

Professor Steve Lockley, Richard Watson and John Gelder are presenting.

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