Sunday, 8 July 2012

First North East Revit User Group Meeting

NBS were asked to speak at the first North East Revit User Group (NERUG) Meeting on Thursday 5th July. I unfortunately could not attend, but Stefan Mordue from NBS has written a few notes about the event in a guest blog below...

Stefan writes...

I was delighted to be part of the first North East Revit User Group that took place on Thursday. The evening which was held at the Toffee Factory in Newcastle had a fantastic turn out and only highlights the interest and passion that the North east region has for the developments in technologies, workflows and best practice in Revit.

Up first was Dr John Henderson and I representing the NBS, show casing the National BIM Library and the developments we have been making to link the specification to the BIM. Other speakers included George Mokhtar from the BIM Academy and Ben  Bennett of eBIM.

Following on from the BIM Academy’s recent win at the 48 hour build London live competition, George gave a fascinating insight into the team’s submission and use of a multi-disciplinary BIM and use of interoperability.  Not wanting to simply pay ‘lip service’ to processes a great emphasis was placed on the IFC file as a way of exchanging data.  Another important point made was the importance to maintain a steady stream of information. By using a BIM Execution Plan, the team were able to agree guidance, share an understanding of processes and structure data paths and exchange gates. The document also mapped out the teams technology strategy, formats for information exchange and also 'who' will receive 'what', from 'whom' and 'when'.  Although only a competition and not a real life situation, BIM in this instance proved just how much can actually be achieved in such a short space of time.
George Mokhtar - no sleep for 48 hours
The final speaker of the night, was Ben Benett of eBIM. Digital Surveys have been working on scan to BIM workflows for the last 2 years but last year launched their eBIM (Existing Building Information Modelling) service.  The presentation looked at point cloud modelling and illustrated the constraints of modelling existing buildings within Revit. Using the Timet Titanium Factory in Birmingham as a case study, Ben showed how they completed the survey without disruption to the plant. 
Timet Titanium Factory
The completed 3D as built model was then created to allow the engineers to virtually carry out design work and simulation of the installation of 2 new furnaces.  Ben also showcased the technologies currently being used within existing building surveying. Their survey of The UWE Bristol Conference centre and its piping and ductwork could simply not have been achieved with conventional surveying methods.
UWE Bristol Conference Centre survey. eBIM
The evening was rounded off by some BIM beers across the road in the Tyne pub in which is hoping to be a bi-monthly event. 
Stefan is an Architect and Technical author at the NBS.
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