Sunday 15 July 2012

The National BIM Library - the first four months

It's been a busy four months since the launch of the National BIM Library at ecobuild in March. The quality and quantity of content is now starting to look quite impressive:
  • 368 objects in buildingSMART IFC format
  • 368 in Autodesk Revit format
  • 192 in Vectorworks format
  • 190 in ArchiCAD format
  • 122 in Tekla format
  • 80 in Bentley format
  • 218 shared, consolidated, property objects that have been taken from international IFC, COBie UK 2012 and our own National BIM Library objects
  • 103 material objects
March 2012 - Launch of National BIM Library with BIM Vendors and UK BIM Task Group
All of these objects can be downloaded for free and are listed at the URL below. Each objects also has associated user guide documentation.

An overview of these objects is below. A technical article by Architect/Technical Author Stefan Mordue about the most recently released BIM content may be read at:
26 Ceilings
20 Doors
39 Floor finishes
42 Floors
18 Hard landscaping systems
8 Panel partitions
3 Panel cubicles
42 Roofs
12 Accessible sanitary installations
55 Sanitary appliances
21 Signs
31 Wall cladding systems
49 Walls
2 Configurable windows
We're currently working on pulling together a sample building that contains these objects, we'll provide this in a number of different file formats to show the BIM process (including NBS, COBie and IFC) and put the National BIM Library objects in context.
Building built using National BIM Library objects
Finally, stay tuned to this blog and our linkedin group for news on our plug-in developments and also the manufacturer objects very soon. The Revit plug-in in addition to the already available ArchiCAD plug-in is going through final testing now. And we're working on a few case studies to showcase some of the first manufacturer content. So some more good stuff is on its way.
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