Monday, 10 September 2012

Specification in the Olden Days

Yesterday I was emailed a specification from "the olden days". Interesting to see what changes and what stays the same over the years. This specification is believed to be from the 1880s.

Some screenshots below...
01 - If the contractor damages the item after delivery - they pay for the replacement
02 - I've searched and searched, and we don't still have a cow dung mortar clause in NBS
03 - Nice to see the services being specified in the same format document as the architecture
04 - All good lighting performance specification should be measured in "candle power"
05 - Specification by brand is fine - Hartley's Glazing
NBS Head of  Content Development John Gelder has written an depth article on specification practice from 1840s onwards for those interested in a serious look at this:

Thanks to ex-NBS Advisory Panel member John from Yianguo Architects who sent this through. If you have five minutes spare it is worth browsing their portfolio of high spec projects - some beautiful buildings...
06 - Not the olden days
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