Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Visualise the new CPI Uniclass 2 proposals

Stuart Chalmers
Stuart Chalmers at the RIBA is doing some pretty clever things with the new CPI Uniclass 2 proposals. To take the introduction from the development page:
These visualisations of the proposed Uniclass 2 tables are developments from the BIM Gateway, a collaborative project between the RIBA Technical Research Department and the University of the Arts London.The project is co-funded by the government-backed Technology Strategy Board “Metadata Production Tools (Fast Track)” funding stream.

Have a play at:

Discuss this at:
- LinkedIn CPI/Uniclass

Some teaser screenshots below...
Fig 1 - A big table you can filter by code, parent, description or table
Fig 2 - Play around with the visualisation tree view to browse the info
Great stuff for data geeks (like me) :)

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