Thursday, 19 September 2013

BSI BIM Conference 2013

Today was the BSI BIM Conference 2013.

My presentation focussed on the BIM Task Group Labs work that was done earlier this year. This was around:
  • The need to understand the client requirements through plain-language-questions from which the information requirements can be defined;
  • The need for an object-based classification system based on ISO 12006-2;
  • The need for defined specific property sets against these objects; and
  • The need to define when in the project time line this information is required by the client.
Rather than post the presentation - an article version of this can be read at:

And the content of the BIM Task Group Labs can be found at:

B/555 work explained - Mssrs Oakley, Richards, Suchocki, Philp and Nisbet
The main part of the conference was looking at the work in progress and published by the BSI B/555 BIM committee. A list of BSI BIM documentation can be found at:

This includes links and info about PAS 1192-2,3, BS 8541-1,2,3,4,5,6, BS 1192, BIP 2207, BS 7000-4 and more.

The chair and opening speaker was David Philp from Mace/Cabinet Office. At the start of the day, one of David's key messages was for everyone to download the Government's 2025 construction strategy. Essential reading for everyone.
Government 2025 Construction
And at the end of the day, David summed the session up with points along the following lines...
  1. Whatever an organisation's role in the construction industry - client, designer, contractor, manufacturers - there are tremendous drivers to adopt BIM.
  2. There is now a need to "close off" the level-2 BIM supporting literature. This includes PAS 1192-3, Uniclass 2 and the digital plan of work information sets.
  3. The importance of establishing "who" is doing "what", "how" and "when" through comprehensive BIM Execution Plans is essential.
  4. Within organisations moving to a digital age, cultural change is required and strong leadership is needed.
  5. Credit must be given to the B/555 committee for their progress with their publications over the last year.
And finally, another request for the industry to read the Government 2025 Construction Strategy, keep in touch with the BIM Task Group website and engage with the work within the BIM Task Group Labs area.

Philp entertains delegates with a story from his latest fishing trip

Tekla's Duncan Reed solves the mystery of BIM on one side of a flip-chart
No BIM conference is complete without some Twitter-work - @djhreed67 and @NigelPDavies

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