Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Five ways to specify manufacturer product information

I recently did a short tutorial video on how to specify manufacturer products within NBS Create v1.4.5 for our website:

I've just been testing the latest version of NBS Create 1.4.6 and I'm very pleased to say that specifying manufacturer product information has now got even better. This release will be with customers as soon as it gets through QA - but some sneak previews below.

Specifying manufacturer products can happen in a number of workflows depending on the project and the product - Five of these workflows are explored below...

1. The specifier knows the product they require as part of a parent system
In the example below, the specifier has picked a number of products from the parent system "Unit suspended ceiling system".
1.1 From the generic NBS product clause - pick the manufacturer
1.2 Then pick the product reference (with the help of guidance if required)
1.3 - Finally specify any optional values for that range of products
2. The specifier needs to browse products from the context of a parent system
In this second example, the specifier knows that they would like "mineral fibre infill units", but does not know which brand.
2.1 The specifier browses the relevant products available
2.2 - Specification decisions may be made on product performance - eg. fire, humidity, thermal, acoustic, aesthetics...
2.3 - Then click "Add product" to specify the required product 
3. The specifier knows the product they require but not necessarily the parent system
Consider the situation below where the specifier wants to add a particular brand of hand drier to the job. They do not know exactly what parent system the product belongs to.
3.1 - The user browses to the manufacturer
3.2 The user finds the product they require and clicks to add it to the job
3.3 The product is specified and added to the correct parent system
4. The specifier needs to search for products and requires help on finding the parent system
The user may search for products that meet their requirements and at any point click to "Add to job". Note below how guidance is provided on what potential parent systems can be selected.
4.1 - The database of 20,000 construction products may be searched
4.2 - Once the product has been found, the user may select the correct parent system for the job
5. The specifier needs to add a product to one of the parent systems in their job
Finally, taking the fourth situation a little bit further, the user may wish to select from a system already in the job.
5.1 The user has found an additional product to specify and has added it to an existing system in the job
Further information
For information on how manufacturers can join NBS Plus and appear in the NBS specification products please see:

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