Wednesday, 23 April 2014

NBS National BIM Report 2014

Our 4th annual NBS National BIM Report is now available to download...

As always - a top infographic to go with it...
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The key findings...
  • Awareness of BIM is now nearly universal
  • In the last year 54% have used BIM on at least one project – 15% more than in 2012
  • The Government’s 2016 deadline is achievable
  • 93% of those who know about BIM believe they will be using it in three years’ time (by 2016)
  • A majority of active BIM users tell us they have reached ‘level 2’ BIM
  • Adoption of BIM is seen to bring competitive advantage
  • Smaller practices are lagging behind their larger competitors
Director of NBS National BIM Library Ian Chapman presenting the findings...
Findings revealed at BIM Show Live
...and for BIM fans, here are the direct links to the four annual reports..