Saturday, 4 July 2015

Game on - Retro gaming exhibition

If like me you have a career connected with the 'digital-world' in some way - and you are around about 40 years old - then you probably have fond memories of the computer games from the 1980s and 90s.

Currently at The Life Science Centre Newcastle the Game On 2.0 focuses on these games. Loads of games you can play and some behind the scenes stories and concept artwork. Some photographs below...

Mario on the side of Life Centre Newcastle
Huge Pong
One of my favourites - Asteroids
Haven't lost it - top of the charts!
The best driving game - Ridge Racer
Early handheld devices - Touch Me?!?!
Rare Pac-Man and Donkey Kong hand-helds
The 'all conquering' Nintendo Game Boy
Original concept art from Tomb Raider
Little-Hamil tries his hand at Donkey Kong
Original Donkey Kong concept sketches
Used to love this game - Atari Star Wars
Those based in the North East may want to consider a visit:

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