Thursday, 5 January 2017

The NBS BIM Survey 2017 is now open

Since 2011 at NBS we have run a national BIM survey to gain a true reflection as to what the industry thinks about the topic of building information modelling.

This will be our seventh annual survey. The majority of questions are consistent with previous years to allow trends to be monitored. Additional questions are also added this year to gain an insight into the industries BIM Level-2 attitudes and also to see which emerging digital technologies will have the biggest impact on our industry.

So please take part in and forward the link below around your colleagues - from the BIM evangelists to the biggest of skeptics. It takes around ten minutes to go through the survey - the final report will be freely available on our website in a few months time.


Does anyone else have a hard copy version of all six previous reports?

All previous reports can still be downloaded from our website:


  1. Stephen, don't you think the analysis and insights we get from these 'BIM surveys' is at best inaccurate and at worst, completely misleading? By their very nature, a BIM survey is going to be completed by 'BIM people' and can therefore never be a representation of the industry as a whole. To draw any conclusions on where the industry is from such a survey is simply wrong.

  2. Hi Darren,

    The distribution of the survey is similar each year and the questions have a consistent core so it gives year-on-year trends. When we first did the survey in 2011 around half of those taking the survey had not heard of the initials B I M. Also, a large part of our distribution list is specification writers and contract administrators - not necessarily those who put BIM as the main area of their day job.

    The report that is published looks at the relative use of standards, what aspects of BIM the industry leverage the most and also views on future technologies.

    It's much, much more than a question 'do you use BIM?'

    Hopefully folk have valued and appreciated this free annual report over the last five or six years.