Thursday 4 February 2010


This blog normally focuses on the software behind the NBS. But at a recent customer focus event a member of the panel handed me a copy of the original NBS from 1973.

I include a few photographs below...

Fig 1 - The original NBS in 1973

Fig 2. Illustration showing how the NBS specification fits with reference documents, the drawings and the quantities

Fig 3. Making the national master spec content project specific through striking items out and adding values by hand.

Fig 4. Manufacturer advertisement showing pictures of inspirational buildings

And a few extracts from the Preface written by the Chairman of NBS Ltd, Sir Robert Matthew,
Publication of the first edition of NBS is the culmination of a long period of intensive effort by many people and organisations in the building industry...
...The NBS presents architects, structural engineers and quantity surveyors with a unique opportunity to re-appraise and develop their specification practice. The benefits will come to them and to the industry as a whole in the form of better and more efficient building. I strongly recommend its use.

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  1. It is good to see that the comments made in the preface still hold true after nearly 40 years! However, after such a long time in existence, it's a shame that some clients and client representatives still view a standardised specification document as more of a novelty than an expectation. Maybe the (relatively) new self-created (?) title of Project Manager could be targeted with an awareness campaign?