Tuesday 7 September 2010

Ramboll Head Office - Copenhagen

As part of the buildingSMART Summit Week we were given a guided tour of the new Ramboll Head Office building in Copenhagen. We were made really, really welcome, were given a tour and then over a beer and some food their engineers explained to us how they had utilised BIM throughout the project from design, through construction and then will continue to use BIM as part of the facility management. Amazing stuff.

I took some picture on the tour...

Logo at the entrance

Breathtaking flights of stairs going through the centre of the building

Grand piano in reception

Maximum use of glass to give light and transparency

The view from the fifth floor

Each meeting room has an IPad displaying the day's schedule

The sun sets to end another day in Denmark


  1. Great photos. It looks like a beautiful building.

  2. It was very very nice. Also very interesting to see how a building looked only one month into occupancy with everyone trying to make their areas homely and personal.

    Apparently the Ramboll founder who started the company in the 1940s lived to see the BIM designs and virtual model - so he got to see exactly what it would be like prior to sadly passing away a couple of years ago.