Tuesday 17 May 2011

NBS BIM Roundtable - Quotes

To watch the NBS BIM Roundtable click on the link below:

A number of quotes from the interviews below...

"BIM is not about one profession, it's about everyone working in a collaborative way"
Richard Waterhouse, CEO of RIBA Enterprises

"...the lower limit [of projects where BIM will be mandatory]... but I think that's probably south of £5million. A lot, lot less than 50 [million]"
Paul Morrell, Government's Chief Construction Advisor

"...there was a debate between the services installer and the services consultant about a pipe through a wall and across a room... so I suggested we just do a quick model of it"
Robert Klaschka, Director, Studio Klaschka

"About 50% of our staff base are trained and are actually using BIM platforms and that is increasing month-by-month"
Alistair Kell, Director Information & Technology, BDP

"[we use BIM] where we think the BIM will add value, and that's not just our decision but the design team and a client decision"
Nigel Clark, Technical Director, Hilson Moran

"I think most businesses will have an implementation plan in place and they are trying to understand when to jump in and what return on investment they will get"
Sam Collard, Engineering Leader, Laing O'Rourke

"The important thing to understand is that it is a way of working so that we can work together, with others in other disciplines, work together through the supply chain. And the important thing is that we're not just talking about geometry, we're talking about every parameter that you can talk about with respect to a building, or a space, or a system, or a product."
Anne King, Membership and Markering Director, BSRIA

"The most important thing, with respect to master specification systems, is that they aren't just words on paper or words in a word processor. The specification has got to be built around related objects so that you can query it... information you can work with digitally."
Stephen Hamil, Head of BIM, NBS


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