Saturday 24 September 2011

Marina Bay Sands - SkyPark - Singapore

Some better photos below from my trip to the amazing the Marina Bay Sands building in Singapore

$8billion dollars, 200,000 m2, 2,500 room hotel, 57 stories, 207 meters high, complete with 150m long swimming pool on the roof.

...and yes BIM was used in the construction - Google BIM Arup Marina Bay Sands - but enough BIM for one week - here are some pictures...

 The physical model of the building - amazing in its own right

Full size trees in giant size pots for internal soft landscaping

The famous swimming pool - how close to the edge would you swim?

Of course, only hotel guests could swim, my $20 ticket allowed me to watch

The sunken walkway around the lip of the swimming pool and the huge dock in the background

This is the top floor that Sebastian Vettel has booked out to celebrate after the Grand Prix tomorrow

Looking down onto the grand stand for the Grand Prix

And passing trade can purchase a Porche or two

This diamond necklace was a bargain at $4.3m Singapore dollars (over £2million)

Goodbye from Singapore

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