Tuesday 18 October 2011

UK BIM Adoption Doubles Within Twelve Months

For the last two or three weeks, results of our NBS National BIM Survey have been coming in.

Today at the RIBA Insight Consultancy Day for manufacturers I will be presenting for twenty minutes on BIM. As part of this presentation I will compare the results from the 2010 BIM survey and the provisional results so far from the 2011 BIM survey.

The headline figure is that, in the UK construction industry over the last twelve months BIM adoption has doubled. From 13% to 26%.

Watch out for our 2011 BIM survey that will give full analysis into all of the results. We will also look into what do construction professionals mean when they say they have adopted BIM. For now, you can download the report from the 2010 results at our website or by selecting the image to the right.

Update: What a great day. Nearly 100 manufacturers present. BIM evidently an extremely hot topic. Also very interested in listening to other presentations on CPD, specification and Web2.0 for construction industry. All to do again next Tuesday in London!

A couple of pictures from the excellent venue, the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

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