Friday 10 February 2012

Final thoughts on RICS BIM Conference

Some quick thoughts and quotes from the RICS BIM Conference today.

Paul Morrell:
  • In terms of the cost and carbon situation:
    "BIM may be the paddle that gets us out of shit creek"
  • When asked to deal with cost and carbon at the same time:
    "If you cannot ride two horses at once, what are you doing in the circus?"
  • Why we need collaboration and not an adversarial culture in the construction industry:
    "I could have retired at 27 if I could have the time back that was spent arguing"
  • Looking at how businesses need to adapt:
    "Not one manufacturer of radio valves now makes micro chips"
Mark Bew:
  • On Level-2 BIM:
    "We move from just 3D geometry to 3D geometry AND the information behind it"
    "In terms of contract currency, 2D information generated from the models is fine for Level-2."
    "Nobody is doing Level-3. Level-2.9 is best I've seen"
  • Looking at plans of work:
    "Plans of work need to define outputs. The data drops. What data does the client get and when?"
  • And in terms of bringing the majority of the industry up to Level-2 BIM:
    "The good news is that we set ourselves 5 years. The bad news is that we have already used 1 year up."
Simon Rawlinson:
Forget the Bew-Richards Maturity Model, check out what may just be named the Rawlinson-Coffee-Cup-Diagram. From Level-0 2D cup with no info all of the way to Level-3 cup complete with multi-colour post-its :)
A nice SWOT analysis too - I'll try and grab the slide.

National BIM Report 2012:
I presented the findings from the National BIM Report. Some nice tweets afterwards too - I hope people are finding it a decent document.
Also, great to have the likes of Simon Rawlinson, Brenden Patchell and Bryan Arscott all commenting very favourably about the National BIM Library project.

Chris Millard:
Some real fantastic things from Balfour Beatty here. The iPad augmented reality live demo. Also the photographs of the project team all gathered around a huge screen showing the BIM in the Balfour Beatty "BIM Cave".
Watching a model develop in parallel to the actual construction so that progress can be modelled and an as-built set of information be developed was great.

Brian Arscott:
Brian from John Lewis Partnership showed their ambition as an intelligent client with a "can do" attitude. "The big question is, when can we model our entire estate?"
Nice slide about how BIM is about reducing risk...


  1. I anticipate the NBS Library will be an invaluable tool for the industry. As you clearly demonstrated the benefits are predicated on a significant investment in collating appropriate data and effectively managing it.
    To give me a sense of what this investment was, how many attributes are you dealing with and how many man-hours were / will have been involved in creating this version of the library?

  2. Thanks Rob,

    Q. How many parameters?
    A. Looking at our door objects there are the 20+ COBie parameters - see blog post:
    10+ IFC parameters - examples ThermalTransmittance, SecurityRating, FireRating, AcousticRating
    Then maybe 40 NBL defined parameters - examples PlantedStopRequired, GlazingOffsetFromEdge,AntiFingerTrapRequirement, ElectronicLock, PoweredOperation etc...

    Q. How many man hours?
    A. We've been working on this since Q3 last year. BIM Academy which is a JV between Ryder Architecture and Northumbria Uni and also plenty of input from NBS Technical and R&D team.