Sunday 17 June 2012

In Praise of: Bridge Constructor iPhone/iPad App

I like little daft puzzle games for my iPhone - Cut the Rope and Angry Birds probably being the best so far.

But as far as I am concerned, there is a new king in town. I downloaded Bridge Constructor a few days ago and I have been playing on it every spare second I have had.

Anyone who has built bridges out of straw and pins at university or school will love this game. You are presented with a gap in the road, then using building materials provided you must make a bridge. You must stay within a budget to ensure you don't over-engineer the solution. Finally, you test the bridge by firstly sending two cars across - then for the big test, two trucks.
Island 1 Bridge 4 - Problems - Trucks about to go in the water
If your bridge is badly designed then the trucks (or the cars) will load test it to destruction. The members under the most load turn red then fail and the vehicles go into the water.
Island 1 Bridge 4 - Problems fixed. Success at 13% under budget
 If your bridge works then trucks drive off into the sunset beeping their horns to confirm success.
Island 3 Bridge 5 - What is this steel and concrete monster? But it works!
After the first few levels the gaps get much larger - but you get more building materials and a bigger budget to solve the challenge. Concrete, steel cables, steel beams and timber beams are at your finger tips ready for you turn into the ideal solution.

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