Monday 17 December 2012

Triton Systems - Information for construction professionals

The ethos behind BIM is all about the quality of information. It is about agreeing protocols and structure early in a project so that digital information can be used downstream by other members of the project team.

At NBS we don't work on construction projects, but we do provide the information you need for your construction projects. A big part of this is the information provided by the manufacturers of the products that will ultimately form part of the building that is designed, constructed and maintained.

Traditionally manufacturers do provide good information - but they provide this in paper/brochure format. This is inefficient. It means that the information needs re-keyed from one format to another. However, across the RIBA Enterprises online offerings manufacturer information is now being provided in a rich digital format that is relevant throughout the construction project timeline.

Take Triton Systems as an example - click each screenshot below for a larger image:
The RIBA Product Selector home page links all of the information together

Further down this RIBA Product Selector overview page featured downloads are highlighted as are key contacts and important links to Triton's own website.
Featured products, downloads and contacts
Inspirational images, third party approvals and web hyperlinks
From RIBA Product Selector it is possible to link across to RIBA CPD to see what learning material is available.
Information is linked to learning material with double RIBA CPD points
Case studies showing product use in actual projects 
Triton Systems want to be market leaders in the provision of digital information to the construction industry. The workflow is really enhanced by providing BIM objects of their products that designers/contractors can import into their models. Each of the products contains rich standardised property sets, this allows performance analysis prior to construction and also provides detailed information to the client once the building has been built. Triton's content on the National BIM Library can be seen below:
In addition to specification and data sheets, rich digital BIM objects are now included
Available in ArchiCAD, Bentley, IFC, Revit and Vectorworks format
At NBS we are seeing more and more manufacturers adjust their priorities now away from producing promotional catalogue material and focusing on providing structured technical information. It'll be very interesting to see how fast this acceleration is throughout 2013.

Useful links:
Manufacturers wanting to find out more:


  1. This is a good read for anybody working in construction. Thanks for sharing!